March 12, 2011

Football compromise is possible

I don't care that much about the National Football League or whether it plays or doesn't play any games this coming season.
But I do have a suggestion for resolving one of the key issues dividing the owners from the players.
The owners want to extend the season from 16 to 18 games for the obvious reason that it would bring in more money. The players don't want more matches because it increases their chance for injuries -- and it just plain wears them out.
So how about this: The season gets extended to 18 games but no player can participate in more than 16 of them. That brings in the extra money but keeps the players from getting the extra battering.
It also, incidentally, gives more players a chance to show their stuff and provides a bit of rest in the course of the season for players who otherwise are out there constantly.
I suppose that teams may need slightly bigger rosters as well, but that just means more members for the union.
That's my idea. Go ahead and grab it, ESPN, and give people their football again this fall.
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