March 10, 2011

Bristol Blog is Back

I stopped bothering the last few weeks for a few reasons. One is that it's harder to squeeze out any time to post anything in days that grow ever more crowded because of early deadlines and an increasingly hectic pace. Another is that I didn't have much to say. But mostly I got sick of the ignorant, racist, mind-boggling idiocy of so many of the comments posted to anything I wrote.
Farhad Manjoo over at Slate seems to have that almost exactly right, using words I probably shouldn't, so go read his column on internet comments.
Basically, I'm going to block all comments except for an occasional few that are emailed to me from someone whose identity I know. When I can link the comments to Facebook accounts, which I'm sure Blogger will do soon, I'll open them up again. But they'll never be anonymous again.
Reading some moron writing on the Press site tonight about the "jigaboos" on the UConn basketball team just confirmed to me that there is no other way. The only alternative is to let crazies run amuck.
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amarko55 said...

I wondered why you had failed to post for so long. I can definitely appreciate how having to wade through all that vile drivel could dampen your enthusiasm. That being said, I think this blog can be a valuable sounding board, especially with a local election coming up. Hope you find a solution that allows serious discussion to take place.

Tim Gamache said...

Good for you Steve!I'm sincerely pleased you stepped up and did the right(only)thing.ANYONE posting on a blog should sign with their FULL name.

Jim hopkins said...

I'm with you 100%
Coments will be much fewer
I am sure. However real dialog
should be the result.

Tom Cosgrove said...

Hooray!! It's the only way. I've always put my name on a comment. The cowards will vamoose.

Ben said...


Hopefully we can get some interesting debates going.

Wile I'm more than willing to prove my ID. Posting one's full name on the internet is foolish.

BTW, Hi Jim!

Brian said...

Good Move....

Paul Keegan said...

Good for you Steve. I read your blog everyday. Frustrating when there is nothing new. Your new method will force people to "man up".

Bill Jackson said...


You're such a liar! It's so obvious!

Ben Perron said...

The comments will be driven to zero. Anyone publishing their full name is being foolish.
Besides you all are still not verified. When it says "blog" next to your name/nick name your are verified.
Steve just by you mentioning facebook means you are clueless about privacy, and google searches. No disrespect intended. Anything you put up on the internet stays there forever. I wouldn't want a future employer who disagreed with my views to see my opinions.

The software you use is just poor.
Check out VBB Forums. You can moderated and control posts, and penalize people for improper posts.

Good luck in your endeavor.
It's rare to see any useful dialog anyhow.