February 17, 2011

Malloy: honest broker or wimp?

For some, Gov. Dannel Malloy is coming through as promised with a tough budget that keeps municipalities happy and shares sacrifice widely.
For others, though, he’s a wimp.
One thing that’s for sure, though, is that his proposed spending plan shows at least one marked difference from those of his Republican predecessors: there is nothing in it about shutting down either the courthouse or the Bristol Technical Education Center.
It seeks to preserve existing levels of education aid, considered crucial to keeping property taxes in check, and generally holds the line on most state aid. Click here for the story.

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Anonymous said...

Get ready for when the bigmouths wake up to complain as usual.

Ben said...


You beat them to the punch so you are now king.

How it's feel Mr King of the Big Mouths?

On to the subject......

It appears things in the state are so out of control they have to cut, and raise taxes. Didn't we get into this mess before?
How does he propose to rape me?
In my income tax?
Mr Big Mouth above may say I'm complaining. I'm just stating a fact. How much more do you think you can rape me before I just give up?

Anonymous said...

The problem as I see it, is that the powers that be, whether they have an R or a D after their party affiliation still don't understand the fiscal realities that face this State and Country. We have spent ourselves into oblivion- evenif we were to take every single penny of earned income from every person who works in this State to try and meet the expectations of its elected officials, we would fail. This is not about the good intentions of the people we have elected to promise something for everyone, it literally is about saving the country we know and love. We, as Americans, get on our soap boxes and demand that other countries get their financial houses in order (and we think we have the right to do so because we are Americans) yet our house of cards is so far under water that we will NEVER balance the budget. We in Connecticut have a current budget shortfall of about $4 billion (that means we are short that much to meet current expenses- sort of like being short to pay your food bill and your heating bill in your home)and on top of that the unfunded obligations of the state are between $50 and $100 billion (that's like having a mortgage that you can't pay because you don't have any income. We as private citizens or as business citizens have no choice but to find a way to cut and pay or default and file for bankruptcy. What does government do? They make up assumptions, sort of like you telling your mortgage holder- 'don't hold it against me, I'll make more next year or sell more in the future". We are broke but no one wants to make the tough decisions. The special interests will cry and they will run all of the needed folks into hearings and meetings and the legislature will fold! The Governor is proud to have recommended a budget with ONLY 2.5% INCREASE. Sop you see the problem- we are increasing spending again (albeit by a relatively small amount) when the reality requires reductions from year over year spending (just as we have to do inour businesses and homes to make ends meet when things get tough)and yet the make believe world of goverment ponzi scheme spending continues. I fear for this country I love and my grandchildren- what have we done to them by promising everything to everyone? Finally Steve, when you write pandering pieces like this about some local project or institution not being "touched" you play right into the ruse. I wish for the old days where reporters were reporters and did investigative work and didn't play with their computers for some short term headline. Thanks for listening and apologies for the long rant, I have wanted to do this for a long time and I had been hoping the new Governor was going to be the catalyst for new thought. I'm sorry to say it appears my hopes were wrong-headed.

Anonymous said...

When will we hear about the local budget?

Anonymous said...

Feels great if it were true!

truth HURTZ said...

Apparently the dems.can't blame the reps. anymore , so they are heading towards the problems the reps. have been trying to address for decades . Two billion from the free-loading state "workers" . Hopefully this will spread to local municipal "workers".

Anonymous said...

You should give up Ben. Sounds like your a bit nuerotic. Just like the rest of these republicans. Another "Hack"?

Ben said...


Yep, good advice comming from a moron.
See? I can play too.

The simple fact is we the private sector are making less money. You bring in less tax dollars, but want to spend more. Instead of understanding I have less, and I had to cut back, you raise my taxes. Something for you to be proud of. When I voice my opinion, and tell you I have no more to give, you act outraged.

Why don't you justified why I should reduce my standard of living, so you can keep yours?

I'm not sure if you understand, somebody has to make/produce something. The rest of us service that industry. We all can't be service workers, or government employeees.

Keep taking, soon nothing will be left.

Anonymous said...

An increase in spending and increase in taxes is just plain irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

It looks to me like thr truth HURTZ you 12:05 because you can't take your own crap! Awwwww too bad and nice try baby.