February 13, 2011

Bristol government's Top 50 earners

The ever-popular list of the city's top municipal wage earners is in the paper today. You can find it online here.
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Ben said...

All I can say is OMG.
I guess this is a yearly thing.

Looks like during bad economic times, management couldn't control costs. In the private sector, overtime is one of the first things pulled in.

I really don't what to hear "how they earned it". It's simply not true. During a hard economy, these people cut nothing.

Don't be asking the tax payer for on red cent more. Cut your COSTS!!!

Anonymous said...

1) Ben, go away. You're an idiot.

2) Mostly ed-screw-cators here and the Bristol Schutzstaffel.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ben,

When it comes to public safety, you can't do much to cut OT. You speak as though police officers just tell their supervisors, "Hey, I'm gonna work 24 hours OT this week." Shift OT that gets paid by the city must be approved and always necessary. It's either pay the OT, or tell people, "I understand that you’ve been shot sir, but we can't send anyone. OT isn’t allowed anymore." The latter is not an option, due to statutory requirements. But, we can always HOPE that nothing bad happens at the end of a shift! Sorry, but there's not a whole lot you can do about "life". We’re talking about public safety here, not putting is some extra hours at Macy’s in order to sell more shoes & perfume. Also, MOST of the extra duty hours are from private jobs that the city has no control over. Private companies or individuals call in and request to HIRE an officer. The city doesn't pay for that, so there's no need to cut it.

Applications are available at city hall, or on-line at: http://www.ci.bristol.ct.us/content/3152/3154/default.aspx

Anonymous said...

February 14, 2011 5:26 PM:

Is that all you can say...the same old crap?

Cutting over-time is simple. It has nothing to do with compromising public safety. The Police get over-time standing on the street viewing road construction (aka doing practically nothing). The mandate that these police are on these jobs was a gift to the police union from the Democrat controlled state legislature.

We could have private traffic control which would eliminate almost all this over-time.

Ben said...


Two days and thats the best you got?

@12:48 really? take a look at your post ;)


Complete BS excuse. Yes public safety is important, but we still cut back. If guys are making nearly double their pay in overtime, changes need to made, NOW.
I'm not complaining about 120k for managers for who that is normal customary pay. Although, honestly, BOE seems to have way too many.

The BPD manger makes 120k, the mayor makes about 105k (?). Their workers are making 170k, and a bunch making 120k, who are NOT managers. Nothing wrong with this?
Overtime?, well get it under control. Don't feed me BS tell me it's needed.
Explain how you can pull down 170k of my tax payer money? When the boss makes 120k. Time for the Police Chief, and mayor to get a raise!

Can no one else see a problem with this?
This should have been a year people tried to cut back. They didn't, time to regulate them.
I can't knock the guys for taking what was there. It should not have been there to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Re 5:26 Post

There's one major flaw in your response to Ben. There is a cost to the taxpayer when policemen work overtime. It is reflected in construction costs, utility costs, public works, etc.

You may recall that several years ago, the union negotiated into their contracts that whenever "traffic control" and I use the term loosely, was necessary, the job had to be performed by the local police. Originally, it only applied to city owned streets. Then it was negotiated to include all streets in Bristol, including state highways. The same is done in virtually every town in the state. The costs are enormous. The same work could be done by employees of the companies doing the work at these sites for far less, but they are precluded from doing so becasue of police union contracts.

Nevertheless, in its infinite wisdom, the politicians in almost all Connecticut towns caved into the unions and allowed policemen to work the streets and supposedly control traffic at overtime rates, which again, increase the costs of all projects and everyone pays.

The irony is that there are some jobs that the contractors cannot get a policeman to work on certain days, hours, etc. When this occurs, guess what, the contractor has a flagman perform the same work, at straight time, which in turn, can lessen the costs of the overall project.

I am often amused when someone says that it did not cost us anything. My friend, there is a cost to everything, nothing is free, not even the air we breathe.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

For all you jealous salary people. You take a day off with pay and the hourly can't.

TRUTH hurtz said...

Applications are available at city hall, or on-line at:

February 14, 2011 5:26 PM


I'll pass ..... I have NEVER been on welfare and do NOT plan to in the future . I have a bit too much pride to steal from the already overburdened taxpayers .

Anonymous said...

Steve, Great article in Fed Hill fire and loving quotes by two=faced pollitician/mayor BILL. I can't believe this is the same guy that wanted to decomission engine one/first due in. We would have lost the whole block. How many lives lost/hurt? Great job BFD and keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Don't ever recall Stortz wanting to decommission # 1
Much talk about moving it, but never closing it down.

But then, you must feel good starting rumors

Anonymous said...

hey 2:07

steve didn't write the story

Ben said...

@Truth Hurts,

I don't need a job. I have one.
I would like to keep it, but your abuses cause my taxes to go up. My company, and myself can't afford to pay you anymore.
Now I know the lazy butt who can't direct traffic is making a 120k a year. I'm sick of paying....
You don't se a problem with raping the tax payer?
What say you?


Very nicely written.
I have another point as well.
I have done the 120-130k thing myself. Base pay about 70k.
Do you people have any idea how much overtime that is? It's not healthy, if you are really doing it.
No way we are getting a "good" 40 hours when you are putting in 80.
I suspect "pad".
Further I do NOT want my town to push the police to make a living this way.
No wonder the department is as messed up as it is.

Back to the BOE, we really need that many highly paid mangers?

Time to start lowering the cost of government.

Anonymous said...

2-15 207

Sound like a diasgruntled ward supporter

Anonymous said...

I'm a municipal Police Officer and I work for every nickel I make. Whether it is directing traffic, investigating cases, stopping traffic safety violations, or whatever else that needs to be done. I don't sleep, drink (liquor anyway. Coffee is a whole different story), text, or talk on the job. I am not a slacker and I do my job the way it should be done. I EARN my pay. Quite frankly, I resent that some people will try to tell me that I make too much money. Who are you to decide that? Just because you contribute a few thousand dollars to local, state and federal tax rolls, does not give you the right to dictate what I make, or what my earning opportunities will be. "I'm a taxpayer. I pay your salary" is the most overused, inaccurate, annoying statement I hear. The CITY pays my salary, not you. You can't march into city hall and tell the Mayor how much to pay someone, no more than I can walk into your job and tell your boss the same. Again, I work for every nickel that I make for my family, so don't tell me how much I should or shouldn't be making.

Anonymous said...

I am posting this just to be silly but it holds some truth. I took a left at the stop light at the Memorial Boulevard baseball field, came down to the monument stop sign, stopped and as God as my witness a State Trooper that lives in my neighborhood rolls right through the stop sign, talking on the cell phone, regognizes me and waves.... Take it for what it's worth.

astounded said...

February 15, 2011 5:24 PM:

Is this a joke (from you)? The "CITY" pays your salary not the taxpayers? Who on God's green Earth do you think pays for "the CITY"?

Actually businesses and individuals pay exorbinate amounts in taxes to pay for your services. Your salaries are negotiated behind the scenes in slanted, unfair meetings stacked with people elevated into power by public labor union money, a liberal media and other special interest.

If you're really a cop or any type of public employee, thank you for your service but it's time for you to wake up and smell the coffee.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

I suggest that the city work on reducing benefits, overtime, eliminating personnel that create duplicate functions and unecessary services until things get better.

Politicians need our ideas and input. Not the hate and whining.

This is not the time to complaint! Give your ideas to solve the problems...give your solutions. I am sure they are reading the blogs!

Anonymous said...

1) Police are NOT required on every road in town. There is a list of a select few. Ask the police for the list, they'll give you a copy.

2) The police union contract has nothing to do with the requirement of police for traffic control on those streets. State law does. Look it up.

3) Pay the police more in base salary, then they won't have to work so much OT.

brian said...

To February 15, 2011 5:24 PM

There are some of us in the city that pay more than a few thousand dollars in taxes. I’m one of them. Maybe you are a hard worker I don’t know but if you are thank you, from what I see of city state and federal employees’ you are among the few. Now to the salary’s at what point did it become acceptable to be on the above average pay scale and protected by government unions? I believe a person should get permanent job security or a high salary not both

truth HURTZ said...

Pay the police more in base salary, then they won't have to work so much OT.

February 16, 2011 1:26 AM
Apparently some folks are merely jealous of the overpaid / underworked folks in our educational system and want it passed along to all public employees .

Fella ..... If you don't like the pay ---- Go get a job where you WORK for a living .

Anonymous said...


I agree. And business pay the most. Taxes are driving the businesses out of Connecticut.

Ben said...

@5:24 (the police officer),

I want to make sure you understand I/we are not attacking you.
Everyone justifies in their mind they are worth what they get paid, mywself included. I know just how much work (I mean time put in), it takes to make the money you are making.
Just don't pee down my back, and tell me it's raining.

What I am clearly saying is during bad economic times, wouldn't it be wise to look at the top wage earners and see if there is any way to cut back?
You don't see any waste, do you?
Lets see the boss make 120k, and the workers make as much or more.
No problem there? is there?
Some guy increases his pay by 2.5 times the normal rate.
No problem there?
Then we find out it's doing work that worth, what?, $15-$20 per hour, and we pay $60.
No problem there?
The head boss (mayor) doesn't even show up on the list!
No problem again?
When the bad times came we all cut back. Why didn't you?
No problem there?

I don't care who you thinks pays you, or that you think you are worth it.
I don't want YOU dipping into my pockets anymore.
I just can't afford all these taxes!!!

I want some rule changes, there is no need to pay continuous overtime for these road work jobs.

Now about the BOE.....

Anonymous said...

Lotta jealousy on this blog. Coming from people who make way to much money already and have way too much time on their hands. They want everyone to make less when they already make way more than the average person. Sacrifice your pay.

Anonymous said...


It has been suggested to the mayor, more than once, that he ask for suggestions. In fact, there have been some suggestions given.

But this mayor, Ward, has refused to do anythingto implement them

brian said...

To anom 6:52
Your right I am jealous. I would love to have a job where I could commit a felony, be protected by a super powerful union, not supervise an out of control employee who carries a gun, keep my job, get a month off without pay and still make K$121. Your right I’m very very jealous

Anonymous said...

Brian too bad we can't drive people like you out of the state. Were tired of you and your friends whining! And I'm tired of carrying phonies like you. I pay taxes to idiot!

Anonymous said...

Too bad to all of you jealous haters. you coulda put an app in too. So, if your job had the opportunity to do what i do and make what i make, you sayin' you'd turn it down, 'cause ur a good guy? Ya, OK! i'm gonna get mine while it's still there.

Anonymous said...

Brian: LOL..dittos. But it's "you're" not "your" in the context you're using.

I think the commie union lackeys should move to Russia.

Ben said...


Exactly, you nail it down.
Get while you can, grab it all.
Don't care about your other co-workers who might loose their jobs.
Just keep taking.
I make just as much as you do, and when my employer asked me to cut back, I did. I'm making less money but you want more, and more.

All we are saying is we have no more to give.
The economy tanked, and you should have cut back too.
You won't do it, and your managers won't do it.
All we have left is to be outraged, and express our concerns.

We have been nice up to a point, but as a department, your performance doesn't justify you being paid this well. Also check out New Haven.

Ben said...

Ok Guys things are a little clearer to me now.

I was wondering how you could put in so many hours. I knew I could smell some padding going on.

Here it is......
1st off it's not private money. It's private company doing road work. They are either charging the town, state, or utilities to pay for the work. In the end we pay.
Next work rules. It turns out they don't have to work actual hours. Go out for 2 get paid for 4, etc.
Again not only do they not have to put the hours in, they get paid overtime as well. If the contractor cancels they get paid, and can go on another job , and get paid for that too.

Sweet deal....
Jealous? yes I am.

I also don't want to pay for it either;)

Anonymous said...

Too bad Ward didn't start to address the problem when he was first alerted to it

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Wimp! hahaha I didn't mean to say it. It just came out of my mouth and my fingers start to type it.

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Anonymous said...

The cop earns every cent and I agree with him. If all you private sector people really look at it, in the end each one of us pays each others salaries. If people don't buy your goods or use your services, you don't get paid. End of story. we all support each other. If a police officer wants overtime and is allowed to do it, then kudos for him. I see a lot of jealousy from people that don't get the opportunity for overtime. However, you are sacrificing when you do overtime Your family suffers because they don't see you that often and even though they look like they aren't doing much, believe me I've been there when someone has not paid attention and thanks to a police officer standing there a construction worker was saved.

No matter how dull it looks or easy it looks, there's two sides to every story. Please stop attacking anyone who has chosen the field he/she has decided to pick and they happen to be offered overtime as part of that job. It's none of your business and doesn't hurt you. If it's a construction job, the money has already been allocated for that construction job so that officer's overtime is not coming out of your pocket. This Obama share the wealth business makes me crazy. No one is ENTITLED to anything!!! If you work hard for it, you deserve it and because I make more than you doesn't mean I should stop making money because we're not all equal. Society would shrivel up and die if we were forced to all make the same or have what we rightfully worked hard for taken away. end of story!