January 20, 2013

Ward may decide soon on mayoral run

I'm hearing from quite a few people that Mayor Art Ward will announce as soon as this week whether  he will seek reelection to a fourth term as the city's leader. The consensus bet? He won't run again.
On the GOP side, only city Councilor Ken Cockayne has declared an intention to seek the office. He may face a challenge from fellow Councilor Henri Martin. Other Republicans may be eyeing the contest, too.
On the Democratic side, if Ward chooses not to run, expect a free-for-all unless former Mayor Frank Nicastro, who's currently a state representative, chooses to reclaim the office. He would make a formidable candidate, by all accounts, having never lost a race in a quarter century.
If Nicastro doesn't run, the possibilities include city Councilor Kevin Fuller, former city Councilors Ellen Zoppo and Kevin McCauley and, well, a host of others.

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