July 19, 2012

Videos put best of Bristol on display

The eight videos entered in the city’s marketing contest feature Bristol at its best.
And that’s exactly what officials hoped to accomplish: to put a pro-Bristol spin into the mix of videos showing the city on YouTube.
This week, the city announced three winners – with Andy and Kayla Adams’ “The Spirit of Bristol” taking top honors while Jordaan DiYulio and Linda Panikowski tied for second place.
Here are links to all of the videos entered:

Entry by Kayla & Andy Adams on The Spirit of Bristol

Entry by Jordaan DiYulio (15 year old high schooler) on the Best Things in Bristol

2nd (tie)
Entry by Linda Panikowski on Bristol, CT


Entry by Tyler Jankowski on Giamatti Little League Center

Entry by Mike Seery on Ingraham House

Entry by Savvy Savvides on Bristol Eastern High School

Entry by Jacqueline Dagenais (80 years old) on Clocks on the Streets of Bristol

Entry by Bristol Boys & Girls Club on BBGC

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