June 4, 2012

Donovan silent as questions mount

With his congressional campaign's finance director under arrest and his political career on the line, House Speaker Chris Donovan finally agreed to speak up Sunday.
And what did he have to say?
Basically, nothing.
The Meriden lawmaker refused to discuss everything about the investigation, claiming that legal limitations made it impossible for him to address the only thing anyone really wants to hear about.
And this man wants to be in the U.S. Congress?
Donovan insisted only that he did no wrong -- falling back on the "trust me" defense of every scoundrel who ever found himself suddenly confronted by the law.
He may not be guilty, but Donovan's certainly not innocent. Innocent men don't stand aside, mum, while  aides shush them on every serious question. No, innocent men tell everything they know until every question is answered.
While he stands aside as if he had nothing much to do with it all, Donovan's chances of getting elected to Congress are shrinking rapidly.
After all, we already have every reason to suspect that at the very least the people he hired have once again disgraced Connecticut and put the state's political system under a cloud. Is there no end to the willingness of cheap, dirty men to pollute our politics for such paltry pickings?
How come the thing Connecticut's politicians seem to do best is to keep prosecutors busy?

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