April 24, 2012

Consultant: Move City Hall to Memorial Boulevard

A study on how the city should reuse aging school buildings recommends moving City Hall to Memorial Boulevard School, erecting a new police complex to replace Bingham School and renovating the central firehouse.

Memorial Boulevard School
The $57 million plan calls for selling the existing City Hall building, creating a neighborhood park at the O’Connell School site on Park Street and leaving the existing Beals Senior-Community Center where it is.
George Wallace, deputy public works director, said the city’s Building Committee recently received the draft study and plans to hear soon from the consultants. It has made no decisions and its members may or may not support the recommendations.
The $70,000 space needs study, which officials agreed to carry out last spring, is the product of an in-depth examination by experts from Drummey Rosane Anderson, Inc. of South Windsor who were asked to figure out how the city should best use its buildings, including schools that will be empty starting next fall.
City Councilor Henri Martin, who serves on the buildings panel, said the report is “sort of a general heads-up” about what’s possible.
He said officials are going to have to figure out how the proposals fit into the overall downtown revitalization effort. There are many options, Martin said, none of them certain. LINK TO FULL STORY.

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