March 6, 2012

Ward seeks to bury Zoppo

Ellen Zoppo
Art Ward
Never let it be said that Mayor Art Ward has a short memory.
Just this week, after much deliberation, he notified former Democratic city Councilor Ellen Zoppo that he did not intend to reappoint her to the city's Cemetery Commission. So she's off the panel that she used to do some solid, little-noticed work improving the city's historic cemeteries.
No doubt it is sheer coincidence that Ward wanted to give someone else a chance to serve in this critical volunteer position on a crucial government panel. It had nothing at all do with the bitter 2007 mayor primary where Ward squeezed past Zoppo, the party's nominee, to capture the city's top job.
There's no way, I'm sure, that Ward could be hoping that maybe by booting her off the Cemetery Commission, he can bury Zoppo once and for all.

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1 comment:

ArtMule said...

This is a rather unfortunate wielding of power. Evidence that the mayor doesn't really care about the town's welfare as much as his own (not to say that issues concerning Bristol's historic cemeteries should take preference over more pressing issues I suppose). Still, it is shameful. It would be great if Zoppo can, in light of this setback, turn the tables next election.

Glenn LaVertu