April 13, 2011

Police need 'thorough review,' investigator says

An investigator who’s been looking into problems at the city’s police department has urged officials to conduct a comprehensive management study of the entire force.
In a report completed recently about a detective’s mishandling of weapons seized for evidence, Lori Coppinger says the city “needs a thorough review of departmental policies.”
The report also says the city should “hire a professional company to do a comprehensive management study of the police department in its entirety.”
Mayor Art Ward said Tuesday that “a management study might be a consideration” for the department. Read the whole story.

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1 comment:

Fed Up With BPD.. said...

If Chief DiVenere and Supervisor's Did Their Jobs(Guidelines), We Wouldn't Need(By Recommendation) A Management Company To Come In...Which Of Course will Cost The Taxpayers More $$$...RIGHT OR WRONG???